Talking Drupal Newsletter #319

Today we are talking about Backdrop with Jen Lampton.


  • Nic - Vacation

  • April - need new shelves for Lego Harry Potter

  • Jen - Heirloom tomatoes and too much rain

  • John - Personal website / blog

  • Backdrop CMS Elevator pitch

  • Difference between Drupal and Backdrop

  • Why choose Backdrop over Drupal

  • Matt Glaman on twitter

    • General challenges of growing a fork’s identity

    • Challenges in being thrifty

  • Biggest milestones in the last two years

    • New core committers

    • 7 releases with new features

      • Layouts

      • File browser

      • Lazy loading images

      • Config overrides

      • Telemetry

    • Backdrop Live events

  • More listener questions (Matt Glaman)

    • Contributor community

    • Companies specializing in Backdrop

  • Wider adoption as D7 approaches EoL

  • Wider adoption as D9 approaches EoL

  • Ease of migration from D7

    • Easier than migrating D7 to D9

  • More listener questions (Matt Glaman)

    • Marketing challenges

  • Anything that you would do differently after 6 years

  • Philosophy

  • Biggest upcoming features

  • Telemetry



Jen Lampton - Jeneration Web Development @jenlampton


Nic Laflin - @nicxvan
John Picozzi - @johnpicozzi
April Sides - @weekbeforenext

Module of the Week

CKEditor CodeSnippet

Chad’s Book Corner

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

If you are in a leadership role, this is essential reading. Get the most out of your team by challenging them directly and caring personally about each individual. Avoid pitfalls that head toward ruinous empathy, obnoxious aggression, or manipulative insincerity.

by Chad Hester @chadkhester


  • April Sides is guest hosting Talking Drupal for the next four episodes. April is a Senior Developer at Lullabot, lead organizer of Drupal Camp Asheville, member of the Drupal Community Working Group Community Health Team, and member of the A11yTalks virtual meetup team.

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