Talking Drupal #315


Today we are talking about What The Drupal & WordPress communities could learn from one another with Tara King.


  • What makes the WP community different?

  • Automattic influence on the community.

  • What could the Drupal community learn from the WP community?

  • Is there a lot of crossover in people in each community?

  • Do you think there is anything the WP community could learn from Drupal?

  • What are some struggles shared across the two communities?

  • How does platform sustainability differ between the two communities?

  • Why do you think so many more people gravitate towards WP?

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Show News

  • Non-Code Contribution: Using your passion and skills to power open source. Talking Drupal hosts John, Nic and former host, Stephen will deliver the opening keynote at Drupal GovCon on October 13.

  • Presentation: Docker on MacOS Sucks - Stephen will be speaking at Drupal Camp NYC on October 29. Docker on MacOS does not run well. This session does not fix Docker on macOS; that’s too hard. However, Docker (lando, ddev…) does run great on Linux. I know, from experience, it’s hard to get people to switch to Linux. Oh, I’ve tried. But, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Use a Mac for things it does well, and use Linux for your Docker containers and everything Linux does well.
    In this session, you will learn how to bring a Linux computer into your local development environment. It’s not a complicated setup, and you can do it on a small budget. (Do Mac users have small budgets?)
    You can continue using your Mac development tools, and your workflow will stay the same.
    Buying a newer, faster Mac will not fix your Docker issues, but Linux will. With this solution, that new M1 may be a possibility. And every web developer is more marketable and valuable with some Linux experience.

  • Devops Summit: Drupal Static Site -John will be speaking at the Drupal Camp NYC on October 28. Wondering what to do with your old D7 sites? there are over 550,000 D7 still out there in production… One option is to convert your site to a static site and move your D7 site behind your firewall.
    This session will take a look at different tools and technologies you can use to convert not only your D7 sites, but also D8 and D9 sites to Static Sites.
    We’ll also look at how to handle search, forms and hosting… and how to create a DevOps tool chain to manage the SDLC of Static Sites in production.

  • Going to Acquia Engage? Stop by and say Hi!
    If you are attending Acquia Engage be sure to stop by the EPAM booth and say hi to John and the EPAM team. They will be at the booth all day, presenting on the main stage, and providing case studies in their networking lounge. It’s sure to be interesting, educational, and with out a doubt Engaging

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