Talking Drupal #314


4Welcome to Talking Drupal. Today we are talking about Transitioning from a Developer to an Owner with Nathan Dentzau.


  • Nic - Lenient

  • Tara - Music league

  • Nate - Landscaping

  • John - Govcon keynote

  • Career timeline

  • Considering ownership

  • Motivation

  • Is this for everyone?

  • What to consider

  • Biggest challenges

  • Fear of finding work

  • Type of work Mythic Digital does

  • Growth

  • Where to find clients


Module of the Week
Username Enumeration Prevention

Show News

  • Non-Code Contribution: Using your passion and skills to power open source. Talking Drupal hosts John, Nic and former host, Stephen will deliver the opening keynote at Drupal GovCon on October 13.

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